Gone, But Not Forgotten

Steve Stevens (sadly missed) on the right. Arthur and young "Rocker Paul" with his A65 Lightning.
Triumph tuner and old friend Alan Dudley-Ward having a chat with us after his retirement.
Our old pal Bud Ekins on the stall who came down to Beaulieu Auto Jumble with us a couple of times.
Dave Smith (Smythe?) standing in Darrells F100 adjusting the tappets.Andy Millais (Monjer) watching, with Andy Bailey in the background at Crosswater Farm.
John Ashley-Barker
Andy Millais (Monjer) sadly missed, performing on his early Rickman Tribsa at Crosswater farm.
Dave Smith (Smythe?) with his A65 Hornet at the shop.
John Ashley-Barker (customer and friend)
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